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1. Provide Mainland China IT catering solutions

  • Provide TMS table management, PDA ordering, reservation, customer and consumption status analysis
  • A variety of promotional discount applications and payment methods, the price can be adjusted according to the time period
  • Wireless PDA ordering, and cooking according to the taste of the guests
  • Support multi-store and multi-point architecture
  • Humanized POS operation screen
  • Table management screen
  • Reservation module
  • Various sales reports

2. Provide domestic/HK catering consulting services

Opening a restaurant is a large investment that races against time, involving countless large and small matters and risks. Investors often encounter many difficulties in the process and are more likely to incur unnecessary additional expenses. The F&B team has rich experience in catering consultants and engineering. It aims to provide customers with on-site evaluation and preliminary financial budget before renting a shop, helping them find suitable shops and helping you reduce investment risks.

The consulting and engineering services provided by F & B mainly include:

Catering consultant
From the moment you decide to invest and open, F&B has comprehensive catering consulting services to cater to customer needs. All important details, as well as operating arrangements, preparing a comprehensive operating plan, and writing menus, marking the tastes and requirements of diners are all available.
  • Help customers to find suitable shops
  • Assess the status of the shops and provide a preliminary budget
  • Market analysis planning
  • HR recruitment
  • Professional restaurant business operation consultant
Interior design and engineering
  • Drawing plans
  • Interior design and space planning, provide professional 3D renderings
  • Renovation engineering and management: a professional team conducts construction and project management to ensure that the project can meet the requirements of customers and licenses and complete the project on time
  • More professional services
  • Including one-stop professional fire protection, air extraction, and fresh air system engineering

3. Operating Mainland China physical stores

Mainland China physical stores -星座之約(恆之星茶飲店)

Brand vision
Create a "dynamic" tea with the perfect combination of artificial intelligence + tea, online and offline novel plots collide and blend into the "star love" expression of cross-border friendship, let drinking <星座之約> into the sense of ceremony in life

Brand Style
The space design style of the constellation is based on the aesthetic trend of young people, presenting stunning visual effects to young people; the brand draws on a large number of Chinese and foreign classic elements: blue starry sky, dreamy, romantic, cool atmosphere, constellation icons Wait! The concise color and design highlights the brand's trendy tone "fashion, light luxury, taste, art"